How To End our Speech with Confidence: 5 Closing Methods to Finish Like A Pro – Audiobook

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Written by: Mark Davis
Length: 2 hrs and 7 mins
Language: English
Every speech has to end.
How will our audience talk about our speech tomorrow? What do we want our audience to remember?
Do we want our audience to remember a good speech or a bad speech?
The good news is that we can manage what our audience remembers by controlling how we end our speech. When our audience feels our message is complete, finishing our speech will be easy by following one of the five basic methods in this book. We need to create an ending that compels our audience to take action such as:
Decide to buy our product
Agree to support our cause
Join our business
Applaud our presentation
Ask us questions and find out more.
What is the final experience we want for our audience? We want our audience to like us. We want to close our talk with positive emotions. We want our audience to feel a connection in our presentation. We want our audience to make a decision and take action.
When we finish our speech professionally, we will experience success and increased confidence in our public speaking skills. We must cautiously prepare the final words we are going to say to meet our audience’s expectations.
It is time to shift from presenting speeches that have no purpose, to speeches that convert into sales and decisions.
Mark Davis is an international speaker who travels the world teaching people to be more confident at public speaking. He has been teaching and training for 20 years.
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