how to improve english speaking skills – how to improve your english speaking skills by yourself

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how to improve english speaking skills – how to improve english speaking skills (by yourself)?
how to improve english speaking skills ? Don’t you think if you wer fluent with your English you would attract more opportunities and people.?
How do you think this would affect your professional personal and social life. How would the quality of your life be if you were able to express
every thought in your mind.actually why should you improve. Well there are more than 350 million people around the world speaking English as a first
language and more than 430 million speaking it as a second language, around the world.
And, of course, with fluent English, you’ll be able to network and make important contacts at conferences and seminars.
So, what’s stopping you from learning this global language? Before I dive into the subject if you are new to the channel welcome join the tribe by subscribing
.In this video il be sharing 3 ways on how to improve your english speaking skills (by yourself). 5 secrets to improve your english listening and speaking skills
.and my secret sauce that has helped me drastically improve my English speaking this video i present to you the little yet major errors that even the smart
people make while speaking in english on day to day basis …
so lets begin.people often come to me asking how can i improve spoken english?
Hear English music
Think about it the first language you learned you did by listening , the same goes with English.
Don’t forget that listening is the foundation for speaking! When you hear music try and understand what the singer is trying to say,
Download the lyrics listen to the music and sing along. This will help you to get those words out of your mouth.Songs are filled with slang,
figures of speech, symbolism, metaphors and everyday ways of speaking.This may not help you learn the strict rules of grammar but it will help
you to understand natural speech.
There are so many different accents within the English speaking community. Accents do not only vary between countries but also within different areas of countries.
how to improve your english speaking and fluency: shadowing. how to improve my english speaking skills!
Read newspapers.
The reason why I value newspapers so highly is because their purpose is to provide normal, everyday people with easy-to-digest news and English used in them is
very close to the spoken language heard on the street, at work, on TV and radio.Reading newspapers for 10 minutes a day exposes you to new words which will be
an add on to your vocabulary and will keep you updated with the recent trends and buzz of the town
knowing how to improve your english conversation is very important to have for your job personal life and travel
Speak to everyone you interact with in is important to know how to improve spoken english because students often find oral tests and exams very difficult.
it is important to get a lot of english speaking practice.
In reality, the only way to develop fluency in speaking english is by huge amounts of listening, and then practicing.Reading newpapers and hearing English
music will help you but this will be the crucial step.regardless of whether it’s the best way to improve english speaking or not to get good at speaking english you’re going to have to do some hard work…
The more you interact or speak with others in English the better it will get. You have to consciously
make an effort to communicate more often in English and in the start there might be some bumps but eventually it will get better

why is my english speaking not improving?

The next that’s the secret sauce which has sky rocketed my English speaking skills tremendously is the Flow don’t need other people to practice your english speaking skills.
The flow state is basically an exercise which will improve the fluency of your english What you need to do is pick any topic you like and start speaking on
it.Before you start you have to time yourself and you have to go on till a minute. The rules are you cannot repeat the same statements again and cannot pause
for more than 2 seconds .In the start this might be difficult and may even seem impossible for few but Once you keep at it you will see quality of your English skills grow exponentially.
i hope this english lesson is helpful to you in understanding why your english is not improving and you would take all the necessary tips from this english lesson to improve your english speaking skills.

how to improve english speaking skills explained in hindi. how to improve your english speaking skills | english conversation.
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