How to Improve Your Presentation Skills the Quickest, Easiest, and Simplest Way

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Quickest, easiest, simplest ways to improve your presentation skills? I get asked that often. Let’s look at four ways to improve your presentations right away. When you get better at these four skills, you will stand out among your professional peers.

They are not “easy.” They still take practice but they are the quickest or easiest way to improve presentations because most people don’t do them well. Here are the four best ways to presentations.

1. Develop a crystal clear central point
2. Use an obvious structure–intro, body, conclusion
3. Speak conversationally (don’t read your PowerPoints, don’t
4. Make direct eye contact with each listener. Yes, every single one.

The reason these four skills are the simplest ways to improve presentations is because they are frequently the weakest skill among presenters. By making each individual skill better, your overall presentation skills will transform dramatically.

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