How to learn English vocabulary words the easy way?

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How to learn English vocabulary words the easy way? is an idea much unknown to a large majority. Most commonly students tend to cram new words as a shortcut to vocabulary stock. What they don’t realize is that vocabulary learnt in such unnatural way wont help them in the real world.
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How to learn English vocabulary words the easy way is a tricky thing. Many people cram sets of words on everyday basis so they have a lot of vocabulary. But when it come to using that vocabulary in everyday life in speaking and writing, they don’t remember those words that they crammed for the big day.

The reason for that is that what you cram does not store in the natural vocabulary section of the brain.
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Cramming vocabulary or learning words and their meanings by heart won’t help you in the real world.

The natural way to learn vocabulary would be to read and listen such vocabulary through natural ways i.e listen songs, watch movies, read books, newspapers and articles.

Through such natural knowledge gathering, not only you learn new words but also remember them with the reference of sentence and whole article. Also you learn new vocabulary words in a natural way. Reading books and watching English movies becomes a great vocabulary builder that won’t fail. This is the best way to teach vocabulary.

It may be possible that you remember thousands of words but may not be able to use crammed vocabulary in everyday life. so the real way to improve your vocabulary is the real way not a short cut

on the other hand, you may know only 200 to 300 words and write and speak English without fail. So I would recommend you not to cram words. That will decrease your common sense. Rather take the natural rout. It will take you less time to master English vocabulary and automatic vocabulary will build up. This is the vocabulary hack that no one will tell you because it puts you independent that so called teacher don’t want you to be.

Just believe yourself and your memory. And you will be able to rock the world.

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