Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Today I will be talking with you about how to speak publicly!
Are you crazy? I can’t speak publicly
Oh, you can!
Speaking in public is a NIGHTMARE for a lot of people, whether it’s giving a speech or even asking for a pair of chapattis at your friend’s wedding. Why are people feared to speak publicly? Either they aren’t prepared well enough, or they think the audience gonna laugh at them Well fortunately, I will be discussing with you some of the rules that will make it comfortable for you to speak publicly.
1. Be Prepared: Of course, you need to be prepared; you need to well about your subject. Take your time when you are planning your speech, to make sure that it flows naturally, make sure it comes from within you. Just don’t read out your script blindly, understand it will enough. Because forgetting any of your mugged up lines will leave you nowhere! Understanding the subject will lessen your anxiety to a great extent. Highlight the points in your mind on which you are going to emphasize on. Select a point speak all you know about it, and then move to the next one. This will make it easier. But practice a lot before you hit the stage!

2. Body Language: You need to get your body talking along with you. If you aren’t just asked to stand at one place and speak, then feel free to move through the stage. It’s your stage, ROCK IT!
You know the toughest part? It’s your voice. Modulate your tone and also your speed. It shouldn’t be TOO HIGH or TOO LOW. Just the perfect tone. Speak loudly, don’t shout tough. Approach the audience.
Along with that, Gestures play an important role getting things done. Move around your hands while you speak, expressing your eyebrows, that makes you a lot more comfortable and the audience loves it!
3. Dressing up Properly: While speaking in front of a huge crowd or even a small group of people, you need to present yourself in the most perfect way. You need to make yourself more likable. When it comes to public speaking, I prefer to be in formals, but casuals are also okay! It’s totally upto you. But whatever you wear follow all the style statements. I will be uploading a video on that later. If you are in formals, get your suit perfect, with the tie and pocket square. You will find a link up here on pocket square folding followed by the amazing tie knot called trinity knot.
4. Till now, I have talked about how you will present yourself on the stage! But the most imp of all these points is INTERACT WITH THE AUDIENCE!
If you go on speaking on your own and you find some of the people aren’t looking at you, or some are talking among themselves, then things will start getting worse. You will start feeling nervous, or you will be feeling lost in your speech. So to get the best out of your audience, question them, get them to pay their attention to what you say. Ask something like, “Is there anyone from San Francisco?” or
“What do you think regarding this topic?” or “Do you really agree on this point with me?”

So summing up all the 4 points:
Keep these in your mind before hitting a stage and you will be loved by all.

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