How to Talk to People With Confidence – Reduce Social Awkwardness and Improve Communication Skills

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Are you wanting to learn how to decrease your social awkwardness when talking to people, and more specifically girls? In this collaboration, we give you some amazing tips to help increase your confidence when talking with people.

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For most of us, fear is a limiting factor that keeps us from doing scary things that could kill us. Think about it, you’re scared of falling from a plane because it could kill you. You’re scared of growling teeth and crawly spiders because they can kill you too. You’re scared of quitting your job because you could lose a valuable source of income and struggle for food and shelter. Conquering social anxiety and the feeling of being nervous around a group of people is just like defeating any other fear: you have to face it.

ImprovementPill recommends the 100 social interaction challenge, where you aim for 100 social interactions per month. If you struggle with this, try the 3-2-1 method and force yourself to talk to someone each day. This challenge will get easier the longer you keep going. The more and more you practice this challenge and talk with people, you’ll start to notice things like body language and micro social cues that you never have seen before. Reading people and talking to them will become second nature, you just have to practice.

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