Impromptu Speaking Master App Demo Video

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

An app that helps you to practice impromptu speaking!

• Get random speech topic to practice speaking impromptu.
• Use optional hint on the topic for quick preparation of the speech.
• Practice using preset timer and speech recording functionality.
• Listen the recording to evaluate your impromptu speech.

Public speaking without preparation (Impromptu speaking) is a huge challenge for many people. It is a great skill to have and as with any skill, it needs regular practice. This app (IMPROMPTU SPEAKING MASTER) was designed to help in effective practicing impromptu speaking by providing a user with a variety of random speech topics, which can be conveniently practiced using preset timer and speech recording functionality.
Topics come from different areas, which is especially helpful for practicing speaking with little or no preparation. Each topic comes with optional hint, a piece of general information on the subject, helping in quick preparation of the speech.
The IMPROMPTU SPEAKING MASTER allows you to listen the recorded speech to identify weak points, correct mistakes and significantly improve your presenting skills.
To get on impromptu speaking, we recommend practicing 2 or 3 minutes speech on a daily basis. For advanced users options of longer speeches are also available. There is also an option to turn off the recording and use this app with a stopwatch only.
After pressing START, you will be given a random topic. The challenge at hand is to generate an idea for that specific topic. In case if you are not familiar with the theme, you can press HINT and find piece of information that can be helpful in getting some thoughts. You can try to think of anything that can be associated with this specific topic: people, places, actions, events, believes, etc. The association that you feel comfortable to talk about is a great field to pursue your discussion on.
When you have some idea and are ready press GO and start your speech. The app will start recording your speech. By default, the recording option is on and the speech time is 2 minutes, you can change it in settings. After recording is done, you can listen to it and save to list of recordings.
With regular practice using IMPROMPTU SPEAKING MASTER, you will be able to articulate your thoughts in clear and concise way even when you have little information on a subject. You will feel more confident and competent while speaking in public. Being a good speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence and open up countless opportunities.

Take your public speaking skills to the next level with IMPROMPTU SPEAKING MASTER!