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Welcome to In House Training – Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking, in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Is your team suffering from lack of confidence in public speaking or presenting in front of clients and senior manager?
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Is your team unmotivated to perform well in Sales or to present publicly?
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Are you unsure of what Training is most important for your team?
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Our Presentation Skills Training Singapore Course and Dynamic Public Speaking Workshops in Malaysia and Singapore cover the following Presentation SKills Training Course Outline :
– Speak So That Others Listen
– Speak So That Others Agree
– Speak So That Others Remember
– Speak So That Others Take Action
– Speak So That You Differentiate Yourself

We use Presentation Skills Training ppt, provide Presentation Skills Training PDF course notes; We use lots of Presentation Skills Training Video.

We customise the Presentations Skills Training Objectives, and Presentations Skills Workshop Course Outline. Our Presentation Skills Training Activities and Presentation Skills Training Modules are specially designed to bring out the confidence in you.

We provide customised in house training on presentation skills, in house training in public speaking workshops, one to one coaching on presentation skills, personal coaching on public speaking training.

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About The Public Speaking Coach (Singapore) Tan Teck Kim :
Tan Teck Kim is the founder of 36 HR Training & Consultancy, and a seasoned leader and passionate trainer and coach in presentation skills training, public speaking, leadership training, customer service and team building. He is a qualified and certified MBTI coach and trainer, certified FIRO coach and trainer, FIRO-B coach and trainer, and is trained also in NLP.

– Note : MBTI® stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Tan Teck Kim uses MBTI to help participants understand themselves and their preferred communication style, and learn how to tailor their style to their audience. As a certified MBTI Trainer and Coach he also uses Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality profiling in various presentation training programmes and public speaking courses, in in-house training presentation training programmes.


Tan Teck Kim also uses MBTI in one to one coaching in presentation skills, tailored executive presentations training and tailored business presentations training.

His list of clients include companies and educational institutions such as Scholastic Education, Showa Denko, PSA, SIT, Millenia Institute, Singapore Kindness Movement, ST Electronics, Singapore Children’s Society, Tee Hai Chem, Deutsche Bank, and many more.

Contact 36 HR Training & Consultancy, MBTI Trainer and Coach Tan Teck Kim for a customised in house workshop on presentation skills training (Singapore) and public speaking workshop.