Intra MUN 2017

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


SIMS Intra-MUN’17 is a One-day exhilarating diplomatic experience for the enterprising students of SIMS. The MUN will give you exposure to negotiation, deliberation and conflict resolution. At SIMS Intra-MUN you can decide, create peace and mutual understanding in your time or use your influence to wreck havoc or anarchy among nations. Use your negotiation skills to barter secrets and strategies to put your nation on a higher pedestal. It is a very exciting opportunity for those looking to make an impact and also for those who want to show off their skills in public speaking. So brace yourself to be a part of a whirlpool of crisis and stimulate your intellect.
This year we are simulating:

1.United Nations Disarmament Commission (DISEC)- Admission of New Members to the United Nations Security Council

2. United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)- Effects of Trump Decision on Manufacturing Industry