Kathmandu School of Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Kathmandu School of Speaking KSS, is a platform, to learn the art of communication and leadership development, to develop yourself, as an effective leader, in your personal and professional life. It is an initiation by qualified and experienced speakers, to guide each individual, in communication and development, help unleash their true leadership potential. The school also provides, opportunities, to interact with diverse groups of progressive people, from, varied profession.

Our vision is, to influence each individual, positively, for their personal and professional growth, by enhancing their communication and leadership skills, through, regular training.

Our mission is, to ensure, that, every individual member in Kathmandu School of Speaking benefits, from the expertise and enthusiasm of our trainers and other members of the organization. Kathmandu School of Speaking, feels a sense of achievement, which meets their communication and leadership skills target, from our regular training. Our personal care and services are designed, to enable every KSS individual member, to enjoy their participation, in training.

Kathmandu School of Speaking goals,,

To overcome, the fear of public speaking,,

To provide, friendly environment, to learn and practice communication, leadership and managerial skills.

To create, confident speakers and trainers, within a year.

To give, three to four minutes speeches, initially and be able to give, eight to ten minutes speech, comfortably, by the end of the year.

We organize public speaking workshop on, every Saturday, from, half past eleven to half past one, for two hours, at kathmandu model college bagbazaar, where, you can participate, for participation please contact 9841439617, in the workshop every individual participant gets opportunity to speak and learn to develop different skills of public speaking and leadership development, besides that, we conduct, public speaking, leadership development and motivational workshops in, different schools, colleges, clubs and corporate houses. If you are interested to conduct, public speaking, leadership development, and, motivational event from us, please contact 9841439617, Kathmandu School of Speaking, KSS