Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Our 6th grader has been taking a public speaking class this year in which s/he has learned about and the utilization of nonverbal communication skills and verbal communication skills to deliver effective speeches of varying types in front of an audience.

As we were planning for our middle school curriculum years ago, we had intended to teach the boys how to deliver khutbahs, a skill that will be needed time and time again in their lives. Likewise, we intended to teach the girls on speaking in front of audiences as well. As a part of serving our school’s mission to cultivate leaders from among our students, the 6th graders have combined their knowledge of public speaking skills, writing skills through our English curriculum, and knowledge of Islam through our Islamic Studies curriculum to develop khutbahs/khatirahs. These khutbahs/khatirahs all center around topics of motivation to create a motivational speech from the Islamic perspective.

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