Kids Public Speaking Expo Nov 2016

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Johan Speaking Academy founded by Johan Ooi and Cherry Ho, offers kids and teenagers the opportunity to learn and master real-life public speaking skills.

A natural and talented public speaker himself, Johan Ooi has participated in numerous public speaking competitions and won many awards. One of his most outstanding achievement was winning the 2015 Peninsular Malaysia Public Speaking Championship, which he was the unbeatable Champion. He went on to represent Malaysia to compete in the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. He was contesting with many of the world’s renowned public speakers during this champsionship. Despite such intense competition, he qualified and completed the championship as Semi-Finalist.

Johan Speaking Academy offers its signature Kids Public Speaking programme for kids aged 7-12 years old since 2014. This program has helped more than 1000 kids succesfully developed their self-confidence to speak publicly and improved their self-esteem. Kids who join this confidence-building programme gain real-life experiences speaking publicly to large groups of people at public platforms. These are essential skills and life-long experiences which will benefit kids as they grow up and transition into adulthood. Johan Speaking Academy collaborates with prominent partners to organize public speaking platforms for its students at its partners’ premises, such as at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Sunway Lagoon, Mid Valley Megamall, IPC Shopping Centre, the Gardens Theatre, the Evolve Concept Mall and Sunway Putra Mall, just to name a few.

Both Johan and Cherry are passionate and committed in coaching kids to be confident public speakers. They believe that the greatest fulfillment in life is educating and building the next generation of leaders who possess confident speaking skills.

Johan Speaking Academy now operates in 10 locations and plans to expand its programme to touch the lives of more kids and help build many more confident speaking kids outside of the Klang Valley region. The passion and dedication of Johan Speaking Academy trainers has yield remarkable results, proven by kids who dare to confidently conquer any given platforms to speak publicly and eloquently. Such results have attracted media friends’ attention. Kids Public Speaking by Johan Speaking Academy has been featured by Bernama TV, BFM 89.9, China Press, Kosmo, Feminine Magazine and Malaysia SME.

Do you want your kids to build a lifetime skill in public speaking and develop their self confidence? Do you wish to see you kids conquer any given stage and stand in front of large group of audience to speak publicly without fear? So don’t wait! We welcome you to join our journey together to build your kids’ self confidence, discover their inner voices and bring out their best courage to sharpen their public speaking skills.