Mind Mastery Excel Trainers Training program

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Lifeline conducts Mind Mastery Trainers’ Training Programme every year to produce a group of fresh, energetic trainers who can reshape many lives. There is hardly any hurdle before you to be a good trainer if you have aptitude. It is a noble profession that helps the world to move forward. You can become an excellent trainer if you are willing to learn things deeply and to find new areas of interest.Our syllabus and course content are international and you can work anywhere in the world after completing the training with us.

What you’ll learn from this intensive training with Dr. P P Vijayan:

*10 methods of Mind Reprogramming for success in every aspect of life.
*Art of leading guided visualizations and meditation
*Using guided meditations to bring participants more deeply in touch with their life purpose
*Facilitate a highly interactive, activity-based workshops
*Presentation and high impact Public Speaking skills
*9 channels Marketing Methods for training
*How to create and facilitate powerful partnerships and *mastermind groups
*And many more

Register Now: ttp.lifelinemindcare.org
To know more about the training, feel free to contact: +91 8129 702 213