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IE – Application for Global MBA, Executive MBA English

Express yourself:

I. Show us an activity you enjoy doing. Tell us how you think it contributes to your personal and professional development.

The activity I chose as one that I enjoy doing and which I believe contributes both to my personal and professional development is acting.
Few months ago I started attending a beginners acting course which I found not only to greatly enjoy but also for it to be a useful tool for my professional development.
It contributes to my professional development by enhancing my soft skills, such as communication skills and empathy as well as public speaking skills. These qualities are extremely valuable at my current job. As an Executive Search Consultant it is my role to attract to my client’s organisation the most talented senior executives from leading global companies, and assure their motivation and commitment is maintained throughout a lengthy search process and offer negotiation and on-boarding are managed carefully.
The most talented senior executive are typically individuals successful in their current positions, not actively searching for external opportunities therefore the ability to influence and persuade is crucial in order to attract them to my clients’ organisations. The ability to communicate in an effective and compelling way allows me to capture attention by taking a descriptive job description from our client and turn it into a captivating story that arouses curiosity which then evolves into an eagerness to join our clients in achieving their goals.
In terms of personal development, attending the acting course simply bring me a lot of joy as well as fun and fills me with energy, which helps me to alleviate stress.
To conclude, as the question states “show us an activity you enjoy doing”, I have enclosed a video of a short monologue. This monologue was chosen for me as an exercise that would stretch me because the character I am playing is very different to my personality.