My visit to Nagpur, Maharastra by Balram Nagle

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अब अंग्रेजी बोलना, आसान है @ The Modern institute of English Language Bhopal.
What is the MODERN Institute of English Language, Bhopal
1.The Best spoken class in bhopal,
2.Job Interview training
3.Rj-Radio Jockey training
3.Anchoring training
4.Stage Show training
5.Role play,Drama and Acting activities
6.Personality Development training
7.Group discussion classes
8.Extraordinary Public Speaking training
9.Excellent PPT PRESENTATION skill
12.Positive Attitude Development
13.Manners & etiquette learning
14.Debate compitition
15.Award and Recognition for outstanding performer
16. Public Show Anchoring
17.Television Anchoring
18.Press Conference training
19.Hesitation Removing Activities
20 . Confidence Building
21.Stage fear Removing
22. Communication skills enhancing Activities.
23. Selling Skills
24.People Skills
25. Motivational Speaking training
26. Teaching and training for teacher and professional trainer
27.Sub conscious Mind development
28.Convincing Skills
28.The Modern has the best environment to learn communication Skills.
29.Body Language training
30.Business training
31. Advertisement tips
32.We haveYoutube video making studio to record and upload to make you global.
33.World class festivities
34.Digital and Smart class.
35.Email writing and Resume making.
36.Business communication