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How old are you?
Born 18.03.1991. Do the math for me, please.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. Grew up speaking German to my Mum and English to my Dad.

Where do you live?
I do not have a permanent adress. I live out of my suitcase and travel constantly.

When did you start Freerunning?
When I was 14

What software do you use to edit your videos?
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

What do you use for Color Correction?
A plugin called Magic Bullet Film and Magic Bullet Looks.

What shoes do you wear for Freerunning?
Currently Adidas Essential Star 2.0

What cameras do you use?
GoPro Hero5
Canon M6

How to shoot GoPro POV?

What settings do you use on your GoPro?
For POV – 1080P Superview
For non POV – turn off Superview
50 FPS
lowlight off
spotmeter off
Protune on
White balance – Native
GoPro color
ISO 3200
Sharpness low – so I can control it in color correction, if you don’t do color correction leave it at medium
EV comp 0