“Peek Through Open Dawes” Video 5: Nerves – Who and Why

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“Peek Through Open Dawes” will be a sequence of videos (around 60 second or so) giving helpful tips and an insight into Open Dawes Training’s Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, and Media Training services. Subscribe to keep up to date with each of the new videos as they are released.

This video starts a sequence of videos looking at arguably the most sort after advice; battling against nerves of speaking in public, in meetings, or giving presentations! In this first video on the subject, we touch on who gets them, and why. Much more is covered in the Open Dawes Training courses, and this video highlights that they really can be managed and put into context.

If anyone has requests for subjects that they would like to see covered in “Peek Through Open Dawes”, please do drop us a line to enquiries@opendawestraining.co.uk and we will see what we can do.

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