personality development

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Personality = Behaviour + Attitude + Ego + Interest

Needs of Good Personality
Healthy Body Healthy Mind

We get Positive as well as Negative

Story of a Father

Self Respect
colleges / Schools / Gymnasium / Swimming pool
How a driver become the owner of a Travel company (an entrepreneur) ?
Moral – A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses
“We meet many people daily “
Public Speaking
Body Language
Communication Skills
Learning Skills
Relationship Skills
Friends making skills
Anger Management

Personality to a man is what fragrance to a flower
(A) Legally change your name to Bin Laden :
(B) Never eat dessert again

(A) Have no internet : (B) Have no friends

(A) Lie to oneself : (B) Lie to others

(A) Kill yourself to save others life :
(B) Kill all others to save your Life

(A) Know exactly when you are going to die :
(B) How you are going to die

(A) Be able to see into the future : (B) To be able to change the past

Love of your Life : (B) 1 Billion Dollars

More A (Selfless Person)
More B (Selfish Person)

Surgeon v/s McDonald employee
To be paid more U must add more value to the world.
Acquire skills no one else has.
Read books no one else is reading.
Watch videos no one else is watching.
Think every day something no one else is thinking.

Pablo Picasso
Your Personality is in your hands
How quickly do you eat your food ?
Do you bite your nails/lips ?
Do you put finger in nose/ear ?
Do you shake your legs ?
How often do you check notifications in mobile ?
How do you shower ?
How do you wash your hands ?
You must do 2 things in your Life
Plant a TREE Write a BOOK
2 legacies that will live on long after U die.

Modern trend – You tube
There will be a plenty of time to sleep when U are dead.
Why we need to develop our personality?

Shrewd points to become impressive
1. Happiness (Smile) with compliment.
2. Repetition (Listen well)
3. Be intelligent than others but never tell them.
4. Never talk of 3 things – Money/Wife/Defeats.
5. Shake your body.
6. When people get jealous of u, success ladder^
7. You are born to rule.
Personality can be polished not in a day, but very gradually. Search for your shortcomings and try to work on them. Put in these simple efforts and you will find you are being liked and appreciated much more.