Presentation & Public Speaking Skills – Top Tips to Improve – Training in HK China

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.
Presentation Skills Tips – How to give a Perfect Business Presentation
Giving a business presentation is a difficult experience for everyone. Follow these steps to reduce your nerves and make sure yours is a winning presentation!

HKEnglish runs Presentation Skills Workshops in Hong Kong as well as one-to-one Presentations & Public Speaking Coaching,

After this course you will be able to
• Give powerful, effective presentations like a pro
• Write effective public speeches
• Feel relaxed and avoid nervousness

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Presentation Skills Course Syllabus
(Note: the actual modules taught will be based on your own learning objectives).

Types of presentation
Understanding your audience and their needs
Using the correct presentations language
Proper use of voice and the importance of speech
The importance of projecting yourself visually
How non verbal communication can get your message across
Effectively and efficiently planning presentations
Presentations structure and organisation of key points
Importance of rehearsal and methods for maximum success
Effective and powerful openings
Closing for maximum effect
Body language and eye contact
How your attire can affect the outcome of your presentation
Proper use of audio-visual aids
Effective use of Powerpoint Slides (ppt)
Handling nerves and reducing fear of public speaking
Building confidence so that you actually enjoy presenting
Dealing with questions and difficult people