Public Presentations 1: Dynamic Introductions

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Public Speaking Tips – Dynamic Introductions // Part one in the series, Public Presentations, from Bonnie Gross of SpeechScience. This video is part of “Beyond the Numbers: Communication Skills for Accountants,” from Canadian Accountant at But you can use these tips whether you are a Chartered Professional Accountant, human resources professional, engineer, lawyer and more!

A dynamic introduction is the key to great speeches and presentations, says Bonnie Gross of Speech Science, as part of her series, “Beyond the Numbers: Communication Skills for Accountants.” To learn more, visit

You know, many people struggle with public speaking and avoid giving public presentations in companies and organizations. But you can coach and train yourself to be a better public speaker and give dynamic public presentations with these tips from Bonnie Gross of SpeechScience. So whether you’re reporting your quarterly results to 10 people or launching a new product or service to 100 people, learn how to become a dynamic public speaker.

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