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Being a skilled public speaker is great. But unless you can get paid jobs working as a professional mc, or a corporate speaker, you’re missing out. But the MC directory makes it easy for you. It connects experienced speakers from toastmasters, or other skilled emcees with clients looking to hire.

There are lots of great public speakers out there. And there are even more people who are looking to hire paid speakers. However, there is a big problem. Demand exceeds supply – and those MCs that are available, are often hard to find.

Thankfully, there is now a straightforward solution. Welcome to the super-simple way to rapidly increase your income with a revolutionary new booking system called the MC Directory.
This is your chance to expand your public speaking skills and sky-rocket your career – without jumping through all the hoops that previously made this excellent job out-of-reach.

We are searching for talented presenters, toastmasters, actors and performers to work as emcee’s in the glamorous wedding and lucrative corporate special events industries.
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