Public Speaking Expert Scott Topper’s Earth Day Speech April 2014

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Happy Earth Day Weekend! Green Shorts Film Festival- Arlington Theatre Santa Barbara. Improve Speaking Skills Today!

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Scott Topper, three time Emmy Nominated TV Show Host, and Corporate Improv Skills Coach, helps organizations and individuals learn business improvisational skills and theatrical techniques to achieve better sales presentation results and gain confidence through his fun, interactive corporate presentation skills workshops. Scott offers a monthly coaching mentoring newsletter, and has authored over 30 public speaking books, audio books, workbooks, DVD’s, and downloadable confident speaking courses. For more information about Scott, contact him at, (818) 640-6100, or Scott(at)

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We hope you enjoyed this evening’s films!
This years festival was produced by Film Positive. Check out their website at
This evening’s event would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our sponsors: Samy’s Camera, Scott Topper Productions, SBTV,, Environmental Defense Center, Plum Goods and Le Reve. A very special thank you goes out to our hard working interns. Without their help this event would not have been possible. We hope that tonight’s films have inspired you to go out and make a positive change. Remember the actions of one individual can inspire thousands. That’s how we change the world!
Happy Earth Day weekend. Good night!

Recomended Videos: