Public Speaking is Everywhere – Imam’s Humorous Speech @ Mo

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Public Speaking is something we can learn from the streets, unexpected places, or came up from unexpected people

As a newbie “Toastmaster Freak”, Imam has done an observation about public speaking skills in Indonesia using Toastmasters communication track’s approach, which includes all the Basic Manuals (BM). They are:
1. Breaking the Ice
2. Structure of Speech
3. Purpose of Speech
4. How to Say It
5. Body Language
6. Vocal Variety
7. Researched Speech
8. Speech with Visual Aids
9. Persuasion Speech
10. Inspirational Speech

A really engaging humorous speech as a tribute to celebrate the birthday party of Motz (Jakarta Motivators Toastmasters Club)

Fasten your seatbelt and get some laugh!

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