Public speaking skills

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

I want to share that one day as usual I was visiting a fair at Rawan Ka Chabutara in Jodhpur. There were 3 stalls for spoken English and I interacted with all of them one by one. I found that being a good mentor only Rahul sir has most attractive personality and body language, his face was reflecting the shine of his knowledge. That`s why I filled in the registration form immediately. After joining English Guru Academy, I felt that my decision was right. I want to say about Rahul sir that he is jack of all trades, although all faculty members of English Guru Academy are my favourite but when it comes to Rahul sir, he has no match. His teaching style is praise worthy, I don’t have enough words to express himself, so simply I want to say I am grateful to you for your priceless guidance to polish my communication skill and enhance my confidence level. Thank you very much sir.
LEENA SINGH( a professor at MDM Hospital Jodhpur)