Public Speaking Tip: Storytelling as a Persuasive Speech Skill

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, Persuasive Speech Coach, International Speaker and Author shares speech tips filled with informative and persuasive speech topics, techniques for public speaking for your public speaking skill to help you overcome your fear of public speaking, defeat any anxiety of public speaking you have and develop your public speaking presentation into persuasive speeches and motivational speeches that catapult you to success while your audience melts with desire from your persuasive speech topic that drives them to cling to every word you say!

What is public speaking? In its simplest description it is talking to people that you do not know. Not just any people but usually a large group of people. That is only the simple description. As you dig deeper you realize that the public speaker has an agenda, a speech topic or persuasive topics that the speaker is sharing or presenting to the public. Now, though, the public becomes the audience and that audience needs to have a connection to what is being spoken by the speaker. There are many speech ideas that the speaker can use but of the ideas for a speech topic that works best is storytelling. The story is the best way to create a persuasive speech because the story connects with the audience at a heart felt level. This concept worked throughout history whenever anyone wanted to connect with the audience they became storytellers. Jesus Christ did it with parables. Abraham Lincoln did it with stories.

Having a story that is true, whether your own or another’s, is always the strongest and quickest way to connect with your audience. Why? Because they feel the emotional impact deep inside and that opens their hearts and eventually opens their wallets.

If you are looking for ideas for a speech topic, don’t think a minute more but come up with a story that will grab your audience’s attention and emotions; then watch as they cling to every word you say. Also, a truly great persuasive speech will have many benefits that motivate the audience to follow your every lead which is what public speaking is all about. It does not matter if you are giving a motivational speech or a speech to sell products or services, the communication skills for success will always benefit from a good story and great storytelling.

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