Public Speaking Tips and Presentation Skills: Eagle Vision

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. Public Speaking Tips: Eagle Vision

Eagles are a symbol of power and freedom.

In this quick video, you will discover one trait that Eagles have that you can use to make your presentation more influential so you acquire more clients every time you speak.

One of the amazing facts about eagles is their vision.
Eagles can see four to seven times better than people. They can see things from a very far distance. Some studies suggest that some eagles can spot an animal the size of a rabbit up to two miles away! And because they have this amazing vision, they are very effective hunters
If we want to be effective communicators, we must also tap into the power of vision.

• First, because as an Influencer, you have to see what your audience can’t see. The reason you are a leader in your industry is because you have mastered your subject, and in that context you know more about your craft than your audience does. At some level, you can see the audience’s future in a way they can’t. You can see what could possibly happen to their lives when they take action in your offer or what could possibly happen to their lives if they don’t take action.
• Second, as an Influencer you also have to communicate in a way that by the time you are done speaking, your audience can see what they could not see before your presentation. You have to help them create a new compelling vision for their lives, and now your audience has this eagle vision, that is better and stronger.
• And finally, as an Influencer you have to inspire them to ACT towards that new and compelling vision. Vision without action is illusion, so they have to act.

So how do you do that?

1) One idea is to do a Demonstration. Ask yourself. How can I demonstrate the benefits of my product? Ask yourself, how can I demonstrate to my audience the life of my client after adopting my product/service? For example, when we teach Video Marketing Classes we get EVERYBODY recording and sharing videos so they can experience the power of this strategy.

2) The second idea is to Tell a story about one of your clients that was experiencing a similar problem that your audience has, the process that you use to help your client overcome that challenge, and most important, how the life of the client is now and spend some time there, describing the rewards and the benefits of having adopted your proposed solution
3) And the third and final strategy I want to cover in this video is the “Imagine” frame. The imagine frame helps you create a hypothetical scenario, taking your clients in a journey so they can experience their future as if they already have adopted your recommendation. For example,
Imagine if tomorrow someone call you and say “Hey, we supposed to have a speaker to our event, but he can’t make, he is sick and we need someone to replace him ASAP. Can you speak tomorrow? Now imagine that at this event there will be 300 hundreds of your prospective clients, and you will have 30 minutes to present your ideas to them. Imagine with me that you have accepted the challenge and now you are communicating so powerfully that the audience is mesmerized by your words and ideas. Now stop and imagine being able to tell stories and cause your audience to laugh, cry and act. Imagine being able to create such a crystal and compelling vision for your audience, that by the time you are done, they are rushing to buy your product, or to schedule an appointment with you.

Finally, just Imagine being able to speak NOT to inform them, but to TRANSFORM THEM. Just because you care.

That is what the Imagine frame in action.

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