Public Speaking Tips: How to Grow Professional Presentation Skills

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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What is communication? What is a presentation? This video describes how to develop professional communication skills to improve any presentation. Great public speaking develops leadership skills and business communication skills—both vital in the workplace today. Learning how to speak in public will never go out of style.

Presenters need to present in style which might include podiums, lecterns, and pulpits that house technology and speaker systems. AmpliVox Sound Systems Lecterns can be seen here:

Kay’s Suggestions:
1. Who is in the audience?
2. Terms you will use
3. Make the Audience Comfortable
4. Be Comfortable Yourself
5. Know Your Technology
6. lighting?
7. Optimize What You Wear
8. Focus on Your Voice and Message

Kay Meyer of “You Are Your Voice” offers speech coaching, training and development to improve your professional speaking abilities.