Public Speaking Workshop By Uday Singh

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Mr. Uday Singh is Founder and dynamic Leadership coach, He is founder of Khushi Life Learning .Khushi Life Learning is a Training and Leadership Development Org. we help people to be great speaker , trainer , leaders and live a succesful and happy life.

Power Of Your Words:
Unique One Day Public Speaking Workshop in this workshop you will learn how to be a great communicator

How to recognise, if there is a speaker hidden within you?
Understanding the science of Public Speaking.
Recognising your own Public Speaking style and enhancing your skills.
Understanding the science of Body Language.
How to maintain your self confidence during Public Speaking?
Voice Modulation and techniques of Public Speaking that help the audience connect and listen to you.
How to design your speech so that people will listen to you, understand it and want to speak about it.
How to make a presentation that will create an impact and have the desired influence.
Ten Secrets of Great Public Speakers.
It is your turn – It is your story.

Facilitator: Uday Singh (Leadership Coach / Motivational Speaker) Certified Master Coach NLP, Certified International Trainer and Inspired 50,000 + People.

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