Pure Talents – Danny Yeo’s Hosting and Presentation Workshops

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Done it before but need professional skills?
Explore opportunities in events hosting?
Gain confidence in public speaking?

Interactive. Immersive. Participative.
Putting knowledge acquired to actual practice.
Reflective learning experience with real results.

At Pure Talents Academy, we rely on years of rich media experience as well as award-winning methods of teaching and training.

Corporate Communicators – come and be transformed! Learn to speak with confidence and present yourself with poise and charm, simply, by being a better you.
Aspiring Emcees – learn from veterans! Walk down a smoother path and hear about the skills required, the mistakes made and the opportunities available.
Eager Students – add value to your education! Enrich your portfolio with this extra curricular activity, gain confidence and discover your talents.

Let Pure Talents Academy guide you to discover your potential and build upon your strengths and unique personality.

Our trainer Danny Yeo has more than 20 years of rich professional and academic experiences, specialising in these areas:
• Radio, Television, Print Publications
• Speech, Presentation, Communication
• Newsreading, Hosting Skills for the Stage
• Corporate Training, Youth Camps, Theatre Workshops

Small-sized classes, with a maximum of 20 participants.
Immediate learning points, with a clear goal for real results.
Encouraging active participation and interactive discussion.

All attendees will present at the end of the workshop, putting knowledge acquired to actual practice, so that our trainer can assess each individual’s progress and performance. We aim to empower and transform our participants.

For enquiries, please email: events@puretalents.com.sg
For more information, please visit: www.puretalents.com.sg/academy