Rave Institutes | Summer Camp Activities (2016) in Hyderabad | Team Exercise On Flexibility

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An Ordinary Summer Transformed by the Extraordinary
We, at Rave’s Summer Leadership Camp develop future leaders using four pillars: self – confidence, public speaking, assertiveness and direct communication — all during a summer full of fun and friendship.

Lots of learning happens here — but no academic-like instruction. The best of a FUN summer camp combined with SKILLS students can apply to college, career, international travel and the rest of their lives.
Our primary teaching method is activity based in a highly supportive environment, where young people are encouraged to try new things and develop teamwork skills. All activities are experiential, allowing for deep and lasting learning.
Guided by professional, experienced and FUN facilitators, students explore issues related to interpersonal communication, confidence building, public speaking, bullying, and leadership styles. We hire the best – mature professionals with real-world experience which leads to the HIGHEST quality program.
Modules Covered:

Public Speaking
Confidence Building
Leadership Skills
Assertive Communication
Body Language
Time Management
Team Work
Dressing Up
Dining Etiquette Click Here to More Details http://rave.org.in/summer-camp-activities-games-for-teens-kids-2016/

Rave’s Summer Leadership Camp environment encourages an attitude, an identity, a set of new skills and understandings that allow leadership to emerge from individuals.

At the end of Rave’s Summer Leadership Camp, students’ people skills are expanded.