ReCreate Me – Speech Therapy Client: SM

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

SM came to ReCreate Me for support with articulation. Poor dentition had created a range of imprecise sounds.

After 2 sessions, SM is well on his way. Hear how he progressed from a lisp to a clear and accurate /s/ sound.

ReCreate Me provide bespoke communication skills training and public speaking courses, through one-to-one, practical workshops.

At ReCreate Me, we work on every aspect of your communication with clinical accuracy and expertise allowing you to develop your skills as a dynamic communicator.

This includes your voice, intonation, rhythm, body language, the words you use, your preparation, how you use the floor and how you engage the audience. We polish your words, refine your delivery and craft your performance.

Our Methodology

Our proven, trademarked methodology enables us to provide a unique approach to improving communication skills and public speaking, with immediate and lasting results.
We use combination of disciplines including the performing arts, speech and language therapy, NLP, psychology, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to provide a scientific, holistic and eclectic approach.


All of our workshops are tailor-made to suit your specific aims and goals. This allows us to be an efficient, proven and cost-effective choice for all of our clients. Our bespoke training enables you to work on a specific presentation or develop your core presentation skills.


All of our workshops are interactive and practical to enhance your learning experience and equip you with the necessary tools, skills and confidence to use irrespective of the event or scenario.
Our workshops allow our clients to rehearse newly developed skills and build confidence before implementing them in ‘real-world situations.


Our personalised one-to-one workshops focus on you. Your learning style. Your personality. Your character. Your experience. Your potential. Your specific targets. You.


All workshops take place at our Studio in North West London, in-house at your offices or at a venue of your choice.
We also provide sessions using Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime and other video calling platforms.


Our workshops range from 1 hour intensive sessions to Half day and full-day communication workshops. Workshops are available 7 days a week.
Extended public speaking coaching programmes and retention packages are also available.

Our Most Popular Communication Workshops

Presentation Skills Workshop

Create perfect, powerful, memorable confident presentations with expert guidance. Learn how to ensure your audience is engaged and how best to use presentation slides and boards.

Public Speaking Workshop

Our Public Speaking Workshops provide expert guidance in the art of public speaking, ensuring that you make the desired impact each and every time.

Control the pace of your verbal delivery effectively, remove gap-fillers, improve your fluency use stage presence to connect with your audience.

Confident Communication Workshop

Become a dynamic, confident communicator. Develop incredible confidence in communication and never be lost for words or never freeze in front of an audience of any size.

In this popular workshop we use combination of disciplines including the performing arts, speech and language therapy, NLP, psychology, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to instil lasting confidence in communication.

Positive Communication Characteristics Workshop

Learn how to control your communication behaviour to foster better relationships personally and professionally

Articulation, Elocution and Fluency Workshop

Make a lasting impact on your audience with concise, eloquent speech patterns and effortless fluency using clinically proven methods to produce clear, crisp sounds.

Voice and Intonation Workshop

Develop your voice to give it vibrance and power to enhance your conversations, presentations and pitches.

Teacher/Lecturer Voice Workshop

Learn to control the classroom/auditorium and enhance the learning experience of your students.

Code Switching and Appropriacy

The ability to change our communication in order to suit our environment is an advantage and helps build rapport, trust and familiarity. Switching between professional and social language codes is increasingly becoming a necessary requirement to progress professionally and socially.

Develop your awareness of when to code-switch and refine your language skills to allow you to switch back and forth effortlessly. Learn how to use the powerful tool of code switching to your advantage.

Our workshops are tailored to suit your needs and are fully customisable depending on what your focus is. The most popular topics include:
Articulation and Fluency
Code Switching and Appropriacy
Voice and Intonation
Gravitas and Use of the Floor
Body Language and Gesture