Riffs Fall Yoga Teacher Training – 2017

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This 200HR training is incredibly unique, dynamic and powerful. Featuring a well-organized, thematic schedule with senior guest teachers, students will be deeply exposed to the philosophical and physical facets of modern yoga.

Students will be encouraged and supported to create their own energetically-intelligent sequences with guidance, discussion and feedback from leaders- Jenn Richardson CYT 500 and Karina Gerschler E-RYT 200. Heavily steeped in alignment-based theory, students will not only gain understanding of their own anatomy but also learn the art of “reading bodies” in order to lead thoughtful and safe experiences that will have a long lasting impact on their students, friends, and family.

This training will expose students to other branches of Hatha Yoga, such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and Kundalini. We will discuss philosophy and dive into subjects such as Tantra and Mythology.

Additional areas of focus are-the art of flow, ayurveda, asana architecture, organic themes, meditation, Sanskrit and chanting, the yoga sutras of Patanjali, history of modern yoga and conscious death-exploring corpse pose.

Who is the YTT program for?

This program is for anyone who has stepped onto their yoga mat and felt the call to deepen their practice.

It’s for those looking to uncover their personal philosophy.

It is for those who are seeking spiritual depth, anatomical knowledge, creative and skillful understanding of asana. This program is for those who want to sing and chant, laugh, and cry and make friends for a lifetime.

What will you get from this training?

This course will give you the ability to teach yourself yoga and will offer you the opportunity to step into yoga as a lifestyle. You will gain the experience to teach yoga to others, whether in a classroom setting or to friends and family. This training offers guidance from teachers who are well credentialed and have many years of teaching experience. You will become much more familiar with your anatomy as we breakdown different aspects of the body and how they work individually as well as part of the entire system. We will also focus a great deal on how to “read bodies”- looking at modern situations/experiences and how they translate onto the mat. One of the greatest attributes to be gained from this program is public speaking skills and empowerment within vissudha/throat chakra as well as holding space and developing sincere listening skills.

Sessions will run August 14th – November 5th

Sundays- 12:15-6pm
Mondays- 7-10:15pm
Wednesdays- 7-10:15pm

Early Bird Pricing (before June 30): 99
Full Tuition: 99

Payment plans are available upon request.

Teaching Mentorship:

Post TT students will have the opportunity to continue teaching at Riffs under the guidance of Jenn Richardson. Students will receive very specific feedback, a greater understanding of the art of adjustments and more. The mentorship focuses mostly on practicing and preparing newly graduated teachers to teach a community class at Riffs Studios on Sunday afternoons along-side their peers. Riffs is dedicated to their graduates and highlights the opportunity to teach public classes to the San Diego community.

Dates: TBD

For more information see our website (www.riffsstudios.com/yoga-teacher-training)

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