Sabrina De Vita ToolBox Speech Video.

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Hello everyone,

After watching my video I noticed few things I will like to improve for the future. I moved a lot during the entire presentation and I found it distracting for my audience and even for myself. Also, in some occasions when I got nervous I looked away from the camera and that didn’t looked good at all. I have to work on the speed of my voice, sometimes I tend to speak really fast and that can be a problem for other people when it comes to understand what I am saying. I believe practice makes perfect and that is why I know that after this class we will all be better at this area. All in all I am looking forward to improve in my public speaking skills, to learn from all of you and from your comments and to get better results in our next assignment.
Thank you.

-Sabrina De Vita.