Social Anxiety (+Public Speaking) Subliminal

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This subliminal includes the following affirmations:

♡confidence in speaking
♡talk to anyone with ease
♡clear, loud speaking voice
♡impressive speaking skills
♡captivating speeches
♡wide vocabulary
♡understand complex literary works
♡speak your mind with ease
♡perfect explanations for anything
♡make amazing arguments
♡people relate to your thoughts/ideas
♡easily talk to strangers
♡make friends easily
♡give off charismatic vibes
♡amazing sense of humor
♡sociable and outgoing
♡never have awkward conversations
♡be viewed as fun and interesting

BTS – Sea

♡listen 2-6 times a day
♡play at a comfortable volume
♡drink plenty of water
♡your subconscious mind will reject any unwanted affirmations
♡no frequencies (the sub will still work if you download it)