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Here’s A Taste of What You’re About To
Discover In The Step Up and Speak Speaking System

Why Previous Speaking Setbacks Are Your Friends. (Session 1)

Discover my Fool-Proof 3 Step method for creating presentation outlines. (Session 2)

How to prepare, literally on the run so you never have writers block. A HUGE
time saving tip. (Session 2)

Discover the 3 VITAL Questions you absolutely MUST ask before adding information to your presentation. (Session 2)

Find out the giant mistake speakers make when concluding their presentation.
(Session 2)

Learn the double barrel method for getting your thoughts out of your head and into your presentation.
(Session 2)

The secrets methods to keeping your audience attention focused so they’re
NEVER bored. (Session 3)

Discover why you don’t have to be a natural born storyteller to tell powerful stories. (Session 3)

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How to think of powerful analogies and stories in an easy and simple way. (Session 4)

Discover the secrets of legally borrowing other people’s stories for your presentations.
(Session 4)

How to easily use POWER words that move your listeners to action. (Session 5)

The little secret for finding emotional POWER words in seconds…yes I said seconds!
(Session 5)

Discover how the sound of your voice could be destroying your presentation…and
what you can do about it TODAY. (Session 7)

How to develop more feeling, emotion and enthusiasm in 3 easy steps.(Session 7)

What kind of gestures you must avoid and the ones you should use to add more
energy and power to your voice. (Session 8)

The secrets of correct repetition. How to use it so your audience remembers more of what you say.
(Session 9)

Discover how to speak easily with little or no notes so you can connect with your audience
like a pro.(Session 9)

Find out my 4 methods for EFFECTIVE practice and how most do it completely wrong.
(Session 11)

Discover the quick and free online tools I use to research the interest level of your
topic before you begin. (Bonus Video Session Two)

Learn the step-by-step methods of powerful mental triggers that persuade people to act.
(Bonus Video Session One)

Wow! All That In A Complete
Step-by-Step System? YES