SpeechMaid: Public Speaking, Presentations

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


SpeechMaid enables you to make, edit and deliver the perfect speech.
It’s designed to be easy to use. Simple to write and edit your speeches.
With a simple swipe to next page, traffic light coloured timer lines for both page and speech and highlighted bullets to keep you on track.
SpeechMaid will install confidence in your public speaking ability and delivery.
Using the cloud, backing up and sharing speeches is easy.

There are no public speaking secrets, it all comes down to preparation. This is where SpeechMaid can help. With a clear screen and highlighted bullet points it helps in overcoming public speaking anxiety, and aids speaking with confidence. In turn this can build your business presentation skills enabling you to deliver a creative presentation.

SpeechMaid is great for all types of public speaking: best man speech, father of the bride speech, groom speech. In our modern times, also: maid of honour speech, bridesmaid speech, mother of the bride speech. For all types of wedding toast and wedding reception speeches.
Business speeches, club speeches, presentations, board room talks church talks. Anywhere where you need effective public speaking SpeechMaid will help you to speak with confidence.

SpeechMaid is designed to help with your public speaking and presentation skills, and make you a better public speaker.
Public speaking anxiety eliminated. Good presentation skills makes confident public speaking.

If you are planning a best mans speech or a work presentation. If you are having or invited to a wedding, christening, barmitsa or conference or any other type of event where you may need to make a speech. SpeechMaid could be your best friend.

SpeechMaid is speech-making and presentation made easy
For any support issues please contact speechmaid@bgmp.co.uk