Susan Danzig – Shake Up Your Speaking retreat testimonial

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


My name is Susan Danzig. I’m in Santa Barbara and just wrapping up the Shake It Up retreat with Lisa B. And this was an awesome opportunity to really gain some insight about what to bring to my presentations to make them even more effective. So for anybody who’s looking for the tools and opportunity to really stand up in front of the room and get some good practice in over a two and a half day period, I would highly recommend this retreat.

Lisa Braithwaite is a public speaking coach and presentation skills trainer, coaching entrepreneurs and professionals to deliver engaging and memorable presentations to build their businesses through speaking. Learn how to connect to your audience and engage your audience during public speaking and presentations. Gain presentation skills to be a good public speaker. And find out how you can be the best speaker that you can be by using the speaking skills that you already have.