The Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Presenters Barack Obama – Audiobook

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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Written by: Ed Percival
Length: 35 mins
Language: English
Regardless of your political sway, none of us can deny that Barack Obama is one of most powerful presenters of our time. Many have said that his public speaking skills are crucial to his success. Indeed research shows this skill alone will trigger other people’s decision to regard him automatically as a great leader an expert in whatever he does someone to trust and follow. This can also be true for you. Public speaking and presenting are not just about getting up and speaking in front of an audience (large or small), it’s about engaging an audience, taking them on a journey with you and ensuring they not only hear your key messages but they know what to do with them. So what lessons can we learn from him? In this audiobook, Ed Percival explores the secret of Baracks presentations, by looking at the patterns of communication and behaviour behind Obama’s success and gives you the roadmap for taking on these skills.
For over 20 years, Ed Percival, leading Trainer and Coach, has helped some of the most successful people in business, entertainment and sport to become great presenters, regardless of their levels of nerves. And now you can learn his secrets to delivering with precision and confidence and mostly importantly enjoy making an impact.
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