Tools to enhance your public speaking skills, by Acte Trois, iMagination Week 2016

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“iMagination Week 2016, ESSEC Business School “”Work to live, live to work””

The last day of iMagination Week 2016, started with a conference workshop, lead by a duo of actors from Acte Trois (Laurent and Zachary), to help students improve their public speaking skills.

The iMagination Center is dedicated to imagination, innovation and transdisciplinarity. It aims at training current and future managers to understand today’s world in motion while making them actors of the world to build for tomorrow. iMagination Week is a seminar dedicated to imagination, creativity and transdisciplinarity. The objective is to culturally enrich the students by taking them out of their usual work habit and exposing them to experts from various disciplines like life sciences, future studies, art, technology, and sciences, among others. It is also to invite the students to envision the future and develop their creative minds by stimulating their imagination and team work capabilities.”