Top Success Factors in Leadership & Life | Leadership, Public Speaking & Communication Skills

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Top Success Factors in Leadership & Life | Leadership, Public Speaking & Communication Skills
A Few Top Success Factors in Leadership & Life Leadership, Public Speaking & Communication Skills
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This YouTube video channel is a free forum to provide you with training and support to succeed. Succeed at anything that is important to you, because the same principles, beliefs and psychological skills apply success in anything: friendship, marriage, business, hobbies, personal and spiritual growth, even leadership. Success in anything requires the exact same core psychological and self motivation principles.

This channel will generally cover a handful of areas of personal development and professional development.

1) Leadership skills (of self first, and also of others)
2) Personal development (you are, after all, your sole instrument of success)
3) Success (in anything and everything you hold important and dear)
4) Change management (personal and organizational)
5) Presentation skills (formal, whether from the stage, as a motivational speaker or leadership speaker, or in an intimate setting, such as in sales presentations)
6) Communication skills (associated with, but sometimes a bit different from, presentation skills)

PERSONAL BIO (so you know where I come from)
I started out life kind of rough. I left a violent, broken home at age 14, but went on to appear in the #1 TV show in the world & in critically acclaimed plays.

I left acting at age 30 to return to school & attend university for the first time. I struggled at first, because I’d never once studied. But I went on to graduate with honors & then graduate from a top-20 business school.

I became a Fortune-20 Vice President and entrepreneur/CEO, selling my first company, Billing Management Group.

After serious health setbacks, I reevaluated my life & decided to live his passion & purpose, which are connecting & communicating from the stage & training room with other people who are passionate about living a full, big life of leadership, personal growth & significant contribution & success.

I’m a renowned expert in Leadership Skills, Personal Development and Success. With the free training in this channel, you will learn how you can adopt the leadership qualities and success traits of the world’s most actualized and fulfilled people.

Self motivation, and motivation of others, is crucial to success. Self confidence, self esteem and a strong sense of self efficacy are also important and I will spend time teaching you how to develop these in yourself and in others.

Learn the leadership qualities (leadership of both ourselves and others) necessary to great and lasting success.

Another of the qualities of a good leader is good communication skills: the ability to connect, communicate and inspire.

I am also an expert in presentation skills and communication skills. Whether you want to speak one on one, from the stage or in front of a camera, I can help you improve your ability to increase self confidence and performance, as well as the ability to influence hearts and minds.

I approach public speaking from a dynamic stage presence energy I acquired through 8 years of training with the best stage acting schools and teachers in NYC, years of experience on stages and in film and television.

I took my stage and camera skills from the creative/entertainment industries and successfully applied them as a Fortune-20 Vice President and Entrepreneur/CEO.

Finally, I’ve applied these skills as an acclaimed corporate trainer and keynote speaker since 2009.

You will leave our training with simple, but powerful, presentation tips and techniques.

I guarantee you will leave with a minimum of good communication skills, but probably with great skills (depending upon your current abilities).

Learn how to give a brilliantly effective presentation, so you can take your professional success up to a new level.

Whether your need is personal or professional – business management, personal growth, communication skills, etc – I will help you explode your life, work and relationship experience and results.

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