Training Series: Argumentation Skills for Business Professionals

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Long story short: speaking and moderating skills have moved on from where to look or how to move your hands. Every business professional has moments when he or she needs to speak up Рin front of their team, at a meeting or as a speaker at a conference. You probably also need to design and facilitate discussions to involve partners in decision making process. With us you will learn to persuade with constructive arguments, deliver memorable presentations and design meetings, where everyone present will be grateful for an excellent use of their time. No lectures. In a small group. Using case studies. 

Suitable for expats and people in international teams, who want to learn contemporary argumentation skills in English.

Trainer Margo Loor is the most experienced trainer of
thinking, public speaking and argumentation skills in Estonia. Since 1998, he has conducted trainings of persuasion, discussion and decision-making based on argumentation for managers and professionals. Margo has moderated numerous debates,
discussions, conferences and online events.