Public Speaking Tip: Creating a Great Wedding Toast

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In this video I share with you my simple and surefire way to create a great wedding toast. You can be nervous and still share a great toast when you follow a formula. Let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions around other aspects of speaking just post them below.

Hi! Today’s public speaking tip is about wedding toasts. I meet a lot of people that come to see me because they are not sure how to put together a good wedding toast. Let me give you a short and simple formula that you can use to put together a wedding toast, if you can’t possibly come into the office to see me.

First thing is make it probably 3 — 5 minutes long. Any longer than that and you’re going to start boring the audience unless it’s really, really good. If you’re not sure about how to put together a good toast, you probably ought to stay within the prescribed length.

Second thing is think of 2 good stories — one should be funny and one should be touching. You’ve got 2 emotional stories that make the audience laugh and make the audience go “awe”. These are good stories.

Third thing, think of one nice thing to stay about the bride or the groom. You’re toasting them both but you’ve been chosen because you’re very close to either the bride or the groom. Think of one very nice thing that you can say in the closing section about the person who’s marrying the one you’re close to.

You start out by giving a little introduction as to who you are and how long you’ve known the person that you’re closest to. Say the funny story and then segue into the touching story and then finish it up by saying something very nice about the person who’s getting married to the person you’re close to and then raise your hand and toast the lucky couple and be done with it.

That is the formula for a short, simple and memorable toast.