Public Speaking Tips – How to Excel At Public Speaking

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Winning Public Speaking Tips – Excel at Public Speaking
I won two city championships for pubic speaking and placed top in my age group each year. Here I give key tips and techniques for confident good pubic speaking. The first thing in pubic speaking is the idea and message of your public speech. You have to use your imagination and think about how can you make your points in you message most effectively. The whole point of making a public speech is to make it interesting for people to listen to. Once you have wrote down your speech you want to practice you speech. You want to practice you public speech many times to you memorize your speech. As you practice you public speech aloud you are actually hearing it including you changes in voice inflection. By hearing you changing voice inflection it can remind you within your speech where you are suppose to be at in your speech to help remind you of your speech. The third thing you want to know is how do you dress for public speaking. You want to take care of the basics but it’s your message of your public speech and the way it’s spoken via voice that is most important. The next tip for public speaking is volume. By having a high volume you use a lot of energy and that helps remove public speaking anxiety. The next public speaking tip is hand gestures. By using hand gestures in public speaking they help you to really make your point effectively. The final tip is to shine when you public speak. You want to shine and vibrate with your message and energy. Great speakers have passion and energy and are so into their message it becomes impossible for the audience to not pay attention to their message. By believing in your message and trying to get that message out there people in the audience will like you. The is no need to have anxiety or be nervous in public speaking people will like your public speech! By Jake Johnston