Speak2Conquer-Power of Public Speaking | Hariharan Iyer

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

L&D Global Mumbai chapter has already started their unique initiative ‘Connect Talk’ – the interviews of eminent dignitaries. Now in their second lap, they arrived at the station – “Speak to Conquer”, owned by Prof. Hariharan Iyer. Professor has over 30+ yrs. of rich industry experience. He is a training Entrepreneur and runs his extremely well-famed signature program “Speak to Conquer”, to create effective speakers.

Objective: To help people in overcoming the stage fright and the inner inhibition. In this journey, they acquire great confidence. It’s is the major employability skill – A must have for those who manage teams and are in leadership skills. Sales people get benefitted to a large extent. It enhances one’s personality to a significant extent.

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