The Silent Pause In Public Speaking # 1: 7 Ways To Transform Pauses Into Influence

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. If you want to discover how to use silent pauses effectively, this series will help you.
Pausing is extremely important for any type of communication and during this 7 video series you will discover: the Importance of Silent Pauses, the power of the pause, the use of pauses to emphasize points and convey emotion, the benefits of speech pauses, techniques for pausing while speaking, learning when to pause and how long , how to experience the power of pause, how to pause before and after important topics, how to use pauses as a transitional tool, how to pause for impact, how to apply pauses in storytelling and public speaking.
“Every second you wait will strengthen the impact of your opening words…Stand, stare and command your audience, they will bend their ears to listen.” James Humes – Speech writer for 5 American Presidents

Welcome to our new series “Seven Ways To Transform Pause Into Influence”, where you will discover different ways to use “pauses” to make your one-on-one conversations, sales presentations, video presentations, webinars and public speaking engagements even more influential.

What we found after reviewing more than 11,000 hours of videos footage from our client’s presentations is that everybody knows how to pause, but very few professionals know how to use a pause.
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