Tips On Public Speaking – Grant Rant #117

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Grant Rant #117 – Grant Cardone: New York Times best selling author is here to give you 8 tips on how to be a better public speaker.

Grant just wrote an article on the Huffington post at on how to be a great public speaker. In this video Grant is going to summarize the tips that are outlined in the Huffington Post article. Special thanks to @chetholmes @guykawasaki @johnmaxwell @ThisIsSethsBlog @lesbrown77 @harveymackay for their contributions to this article.

Tip #1 – Own Your Stage

You have to own the stage. What is your stage? A trick that Grant does is he stands firmly in the beginning of his presentation in one space and he holds that space. It’s not for the audience, it’s for Grant to build his confidence.

Tip #2- Speak To Everyone

Grant wants you to speak to everyone in that room. You want to communicate to everyone in that audience. Everyone, including the people beyond that wall. Don’t think about communicating just to that room. Think about communicating to the entire planet!

Tip #3 – Open With Your Message

What is the message about? Open your presentation with a summary of your message and tell people what you’re going to tell them.

Tip #4 – Pick A Topic Where You Have Altitude

Where you’re the captain of the jet. Where no matter who is in the audience or how bright they are, because you’re a professional in this one sector you have altitude. Everyone has altitude in some category. So you want your presentation not to be about everything but about how to have altitude and Grant shows you a trick in the Huffington Post article at on how to have altitude with people that are actually more intelligent than you. You’ll definitely want to know that trick!

Tip #5 – Hammer Your Message

Beat your message to death. Like… knock on the door over and over and over again. Repeatedly beat that message to death. So if you have one message you’re just going to beat it to death. Every 5 or 6 minutes just remind people of the point of your message so that you can plant a field of mental seeds and watch them grow.

Tip #6 – Speak With Conviction And Authority

All you have to do is go back and watch any of the Grant Rants. Grant was at Google this week and the representatives there were saying that Grant Cardone has a lot of self-confidence. Nobody really knows if that’s true though. How would you know? You know that Grant Cardone APPEARS to be self-confident to you, but you don’t know if Grant Cardone is really self-confident or not. That’s the difference: conviction and authority.

Tip #7- Keep Your Powerpoint Down To Nothing

Don’t make your presentation about a powerpoint. If your presentation is going to be about a powerpoint then just send that to your audience and don’t show up and speak, because you’re gonna be as boring as hell.

Tip #8 – Close BIG!!!

You gotta be a feakin’ closer! You gotta slam it! You gotta jam it! You gotta bring it home at the end, baby! You gotta be like, NOW!!! Are you ready to dominate? Are you ready to own the world? Are you ready? Because Grant is ready for ya and the world needs you! You see, you need a big close, baby! You need a Muhammad Ali close. You need something that’s just off the charts and will blow your mind. Then people will say, “Dude that guy that SPEAK”

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