Using Beta-Blockers to Calm Nerves | Public Speaking

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How do you use beta blockers or other drugs to calm your nerves before a big speech? Here’s the answer you’re not going to want to hear. You don’t. It’s a horrible idea. Why in the world would making you not worry anymore about your speech decrease the chances of you giving an awful speech? If you’re nervous about your speech, it’s typically because you haven’t rehearsed on video and you’re not convinced you’re going to give a great speech. If I take some relaxant, some drug, and all of a sudden I’m completely relaxed and confidant, but I’ve got grape jelly all over my face and my collar is like this, I’m thinking, “I’m relaxed. They’re liking me. I look cool.” It’s not going to change the fact that I’ve got grape jelly all over my face and my collar’s sticking up in a funny way. They’re still going to notice it. I beg you, I urge you, don’t take the easy coward’s way out because it’s not really a way out. You feeling good about your speech is the wrong way approach. Something that will actually make you feel good about your speech is giving a good, interesting speech and realizing your audience perceives you as interesting and useful and helpful. If you’re simply relaxed about giving a boring speech, what good is that? You will have still bombed.