YouTube Challenge! Break Your Fear of Public Speaking to Manifest Your Highest Ideal Reality

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Nithyanandam! Making YouTube videos is a spiritual process that has three key benefits. Before sharing what those are, here are the contest details:

Film a video response to this video, and in that response, share your hopes and dreams, what you do, and how you feel you can (or can’t) make those hopes and dreams into reality. (I’ll watch the replies and give my personal feedback and best intentions for you!) If your hopes and passions involve a desire to attend Inner Awakening or become a Sannyasi, include those key words in the title, and after one month, I’ll give the maker of qualifying video with the most likes 3 private 15 minute, one on one, Skype sessions with your choice of Remote Viewing, Body Scanning, Q&A or general chit chat. Be sure to post your video link as a comment so I can see, give feedback and enter you into the contest!

First, my beloved Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, reveals that our consciousness expands when we open our inner space to hold more and more people. The tendency so many of us have to lock ourselves away, keep our privacy, and withhold our true feelings in life restricts us; opening up and sharing our journey with others, on the other hand, expands us. Making YouTube videos is an excellent way to open ourselves to many more people; sometimes, viewers become good friends!

Second, whenever we speak out loud about our experiences, those experiences become more deeply inscribed in our muscle memory. When we talk about our intellectual clicks and understandings, our cognitions expand. Speaking is a process of manifestation; gaining the right words for the right states and to convey the right messages sometimes takes will persistence to master, but once it’s mastered, it’s a beautiful gift!

Third, there’s someone out there who wants to hear everyone out there! Whoever you are, whatever you have to share, there’s someone it will help.

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